Trinity Strategic Consulting, Inc. Celebrates 10 Years of Service!

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As Trinity Strategic Consulting, Inc. “celebrates 10 years of serving clients” nationwide so is our core value of reaching a broader audience in building the best and most authentic leaders on every level of the organization. As President/CEO of Trinity Strategic Consulting, Inc., it has been my honor and pleasure to serve our business community in the areas of Executive Coaching and Training and Development. However, the time has come for us to reach a much broader audience by expanding my leadership expertise with professional speaking. My sister has always said that I am a “talker” and “motivator”! Must have inherited it from my Grandfather as he was a talker and the greatest story teller in the family! Most of all, he was a great inspiration to me as he did not learn to read and write until he was well into his 70’s.

With over 20 years of coaching leaders to success and assisting them with building authentic leaders within their own company, I am pleased to introduce my signature program for executing the goal of building authentic leaders on every organizational level…Building a Triple “A” Effect Organization!

This pragmatic simplistic approach encompasses three elements:

AMBASSADORS – Business leaders are recognizing that thought leadership has become a key differentiator and can be a great instrument for building ambassadors. The unsung benefit of thought leadership is how it can inspire and motivate employees and act as a talent retention and attraction magnet. Companies that strategically involve their employees in the thought-leadership journey – from marketing to finance will find a number of happy consequences. Investing and creating ambassadors gives employees something to talk about over and above the products or services they sell and poise them for a successful leadership track. Ambassadors are empowered to have deeper conversations and foster a more meaningful relationship with clients, leaders and peers.

ACTION – As leaders, how easy is it to move people to action? Are you asking/telling them or using some form of coercion? As a result of missed deadlines, are you repeatedly asking your employees to accomplish the work and projects assigned? Inspiring employees to take action means bringing the vision to life whereby it taps into the core spirit for the passion and excitement that lies within us. The movement to action requires the foundation of ideas that we must act upon and remain diligent with our ambassadors!

ACCOUNTABILITY – The key to leadership is to form an environment whereby people do the best they can because they want to do it! When employees know it is clearly in their best interest to give their maximum discretionary effort to the organization, managers don’t have to crack the whip as often. Imagine working in an environment where people do the right things not because they are expected, but because it is in their best interest. In that atmosphere, holding people accountable would create a positive occurrence rather than a negative. There are several attitudes to consider for engaging employees to view accountability as a positive and not a chore!

With emphasis placed on these key areas, your employees will truly feel they are an integral part of the company will be empowered to contribute far beyond your expectations, as they are a part of a clear vision!

If your organization would be interested in booking Tangela as a Keynote for this program or Facilitator for your business conference or corporate board retreat/meeting, please visit for additional information. She has spoken for some of the country’s top corporations and government agencies over the last 20 years. A partial list of companies served include AT&T, AVAYA, Educational Resources, Inc., Wells Fargo, Trammell Crow Company, The Department of Commerce, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, NAWBO, eWomen Network and University of Phoenix.

Until the next time, live long, be healthy, happy and prosperous!


Tangela M. Davis, MBA

Leadership Expert