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Building a Triple “A” Effect Organization Seminar – July 19th 2013

Build your people and build your profits! Are you a leader that struggles to get it all done? Do you continuously have to ask your employees over and over again to get the job done? Are you missing deadlines? Does it appear that you are working harder instead of smarter? How can you move beyond building the vision alone? You don’t have too! Image building a Triple “A” Effect organization. Envision building “Ambassadors” on every level of your business and sharing that strategic vision and compelling story in order to move them to “Action” and inspire them to become “Accountable” for “getting the job done”. Finally, develop leaders who “Lead with Conversation” and become great leaders who now become equipped with building other great leaders! Learn the tools that support Building a Triple “A” Effect Organization and position your business for increased performance, real results and real profits!

This event will be held on July 19th 2013 at the below address:

10 Cabarrus Avenue East
Suite 235
Concord, NC 28025

Price: $299.00