About Us

Trinity Strategic Consulting, Inc. is a national management consulting firm located in the Charlotte metropolitan area and is the business partner to support your growth and expansion needs.

Companies use Trinity Strategic Consulting, Inc. as a supplement to support those projects that have been placed on hold due to time constraints of other priorities. The advantage of outsourcing will allow your key leadership team to focus on your business objectives and, most importantly, your customers and employees. Business consulting enables your company to achieve maximum efficiency and profitability.

Our team has over 30 years of corporate business and technology experience which includes business architecture and business intelligence solutions with emphasis in business analysis, transition strategies, business modeling, model integration, implementation models, data analysis, data integration, reporting and dashboard development, database management and data warehousing . During the course of our team’s career track, they have worked in banking/finance, commercial real estate, government, retail, security services, non-profit and the technology industries.

Trinity Strategic Consulting, Inc. brings this broad based experience of organizational solutions to government and mid size businesses.

Our team has an extensive background in conducting organizational assessments, designing and implementing quality improvement programs. Our training solutions are comprehensive in training programs, with topic emphasis placed on management skills, leadership, business ethics, problem-solving, technical, diversity, sexual harassment, team building, and business acumen. The company’s team currently assists client companies with their business architecture and business intelligence needs, serving as external consultants and advisors, which allow them to bring current behind-the-scenes information about organizational and data efficiency.


Our President/CEO

Tangela M. Davis, President/CEO, Business Development Executive