7-Tips for Optimum Work-life Balance

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As leaders, have you ever felt that your life was so chaotic that you didn’t know if you were coming or going! Major deadlines to meet and team members calling out sick. What is a leader to do! We may feel that we are not fully present in the moment and this gives us a sense of not being effective or efficient. How can we get it all done with managing our career, business and family? My years of research and coaching successful executives and leaders indicate their ability to remain present in the moment and be successful in life has been attributed to creating a blueprint.

You will have to determine the type of blueprint that works for you. I recently talked to my daughter who is achieving success in her young adult life and she creates an annual blueprint that has given her optimum work-life balance. Let’s take a look at some tips that can help you achieve balance. I have personally and know many who have adopted the B-Alert System. Napoleon Hill said it best, “Every well-built house started with a definite plan in the form of blueprints.” Why not create your own plan for work-life balance and success?

Here are six tips from the B-Alert System and one more that I have thrown in for good measure!

Create a Blueprint – This is how you prepare for your day. You do prepare don’t you? A blueprint is simply a map for the day. There are two options for preparing your blueprint. Either do it the night before or early the next morning before your day kicks off. Create a blueprint recording system and keep it simple!

Take Action – When it comes to reviewing your results, the amount of action you put into your day will directly determine your score. You probably have already noticed, there is a major difference between being busy and taking specific, well-planned action. You can have a busy day with nothing to show for it. You did not move closer to accomplishing your goals and the day just passed you by. Concentrate on the activities that produce the greatest results for you and delegate effectively.

Learning is Golden – Learning is golden because a well-balanced day includes taking time to expand your knowledge. Develop the habit of reading at least twenty to thirty minutes in the morning. It’s a great way to start your day. Read anything that is stimulating, challenging, and educational or that gives you an edge in your industry or profession. Every day, I spend 20 minutes reading empowering content and 20 minutes reading challenging and stimulating content. Remember that you can turn your car into a learning center by listening to CDs. You can learn a lot by just observing and studying other people. What do wealthy and happy people do? Invite a successful person out to lunch every month – someone that you really respect and admire.

Exercise Leads to Good Health – I hear the groans and moans already! Do you want to be rich in health? Creating balance in your life means you don’t treat your health lightly. A little daily exercise is a great prescription for good health and increased energy. Do a minimum of twenty minutes of something that will increase your heart rate. Make exercise a study.

Find Time to Relax – This is a good time to recharge your batteries during the day. Take a TPM (twenty-five peaceful minutes). You may know it as napping. In warmer climates, a siesta is a normal part of the day. As a baby, your mother probably put you down for a nap. Why not continue the ritual of finding time to relax. Consider TPM when you arrive home from the office. If you plan a TPM for yourself before you switch roles, it will give you a chance to catch your breath, relax and mentally be ready to focus on family. If you have worked long, hard hours all week, you deserve a break to re-energize.

Set Aside Time for Thinking – If you want to have clarity about what is working or not working in your life, schedule time for reflective thinking. At the end of your workday, or just before you go to bed, take a few minutes to take a mental snapshot of the day. Regard each day as a mini-movie with you as the star. How did you do? Rerun the DVD and take another look. What did you do well? Focus daily on the progress that you made. Be alert to any shortcomings, but don’t beat yourself up!

Laugh Often – To really decompress and gain clarity, laugh often. Watch a comedy series, movie, cartoon or YouTube video. Spend time with family and friends who keeps you in stitches. Visit an amusement park or festival. Humor can improve your creativity and memory.

Would you enjoy a well-balanced life if you had a clear blueprint for the day, were able to stay focused on your most important activities, maximized your energy and clarity with a little exercise and reflective thinking and had time for fun and laughter? The answer is obvious! Remember excellent balance will greatly enrich your mind, body and spirit, not to mention your relationships and bank account!

Written by Tangela M. Davis, MBA – 7/24/13

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Tangela M. Davis, MBA is a leadership expert, professional speaker, coach and author of the increasing demand for the book, If I Knew Then What I Know Now: An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Avoiding Costly and Dumb Business Mistakes and flagship program Building a Triple “A” Effect Organization. She has been interviewed by NPR and published in countless business journals and magazines. Tangela has launched numerous leadership programs, coaching executives and leaders for the last 20 years in the government, corporate and small business marketplace. Having been involved in many mergers and acquisitions, she is an industry expert on change leadership. Always passionate and eager to share her knowledge and experience, Tangela is available for Conference Keynotes, Break-out Sessions and Seminars. She can be reached at tangela@tangelaspeaks.com.

B-Alert by Jack Canfield, The Power of Focus.